is a cereal grain, originating in Levant region is now being cultivated worldwide, and is considered as staple food in different regions around the globe. According to statistics, wheat is the major source of protein derived from vegetables.

Wheat can not only be ground into flour, but also germinated and dried to produce malt, ground to produce semolina and crushed to produce cracked wheat. Other known formats of wheat used for human food are bulgar or groats. This food grain is an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, niacin, phosphorus and manganese to name a few.

wheat grain milled ground as a backgroundwheat grain milled ground as a background

The most common form of wheat are red and white wheat. Other commercially produced formats of wheat include blue, black and yellow wheat. Wheat contains a healthy protein that can be digested easily. Thus, wheat flour along with a cooked vegetable is a highly nutritious meal. Raw form of wheat, however, is inedible by humans. Wheat is also used extensively in the baking industry, because of its suitability to form breads. This is why wheat is harvested as a major cash crop in the temperate areas.

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