Corn or maize, is a native grain plant of Mexico. There are six major types of corns – namely dent, flint, pod, pop, flour and sweet corn. Corns, in any form are an amazing source of niacin, thiamin, pantothenic acid, folate and B vitamins. Moreover, corn pods also contain antioxidant benefits, and contain cartenoids.

Corn is a source of excellent fiber – both soluble and insoluble. The fibers are extremely helpful for healthy gut bacteria. Corns or maize is a staple diet in Mexico, and can be found in almost every food items, which adds to the flavor of the foods.


Depending on the location, corn or maize plays an important role in the diet. For example, maize meal, which is a porridge made from corn is famous in different locations, but under different names. It is known as polenta in Italy, angu in Brazil and cornmeal mush in the United States.

Maize meal forms a staple diet in certain locations, and is used as an alternative to wheat flour, to produce the traditional and tasty corn bread. For Central American food, masa is an important ingredient. It is cornmeal with limewater, and is oftentimes the main ingredient for atole and tortillas.

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